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Erin Pollard sits on an unmade bed, looking out the window, wearing Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Plus Upstate Sweatpants and Sweatshirt in Light Heather Grey

The Best Sustainable Loungewear » Wolf & Stag

Erin Pollard sits on an unmade bed, looking out the window, wearing Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Plus Upstate Sweatpants and Sweatshirt in Light Heather Grey It’s Day 4 of Coronavirus-induced quarantine, and I can safely say that loungewear has been getting me through this tough time. Sure, I can also thank anxiety-reducing kitty pets, a hug from my husband, and copious amounts of tea. But really, is it not just the feel of cozy cotton on my skin?

As someone who has always worked from home at least 3 days a week, I assimilated my love of loungewear a long time ago. But for those of you just beginning this working-from-home journey — or for those of you at home way more often than usual — you will soon learn to appreciate how much happier you are with a cozy, hugging pair of loungewear.

This post seemed like the preferred choice, considering we’re all going to be facing weekends with nothing much else to do except make margs and don your sweats (hi, quarantine weekend). Also, because all of the content I have been crafting for months has been travel focused. Whoops.

Erin Pollard sits on an unmade bed, looking out the window, wearing Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Plus Upstate Sweatpants and Sweatshirt in Light Heather Grey

My criteria for loungewear — similarly to anything in my capsule-focused wardrobe — is strict. Loungewear should be neutral, so that it can be worn for years and paired with other things. It needs to look polished enough to wear outside for a lunch break and yet be cozy enough to wear all-day-long inside. And, of course, it must be eco-friendly: whether from sustainably sourced materials or made with ethical practices in mind. Sustainability is at the core of everything I purchase — and what I share with you, most of all.

Have I missed any sustainable loungewear brand of this list? Any item you reach for time-and-time-again when seeking cozy comfort? Let me know!



Kotn is one of my go-to brands for affordable, beautiful basics, from long-sleeve shirts to pants to tanks, and everything in between. Made with 100% cotton ethically in Egypt, the culotte sweatpants in oat melange* are the dressiest sweatpants on the market. (And, yes, Nick does make fun of me insistently for having ‘dressy sweatpants.’ I am peak San Francisco). I pair mine with the fitted long-sleeve in the coordinating Oat Melange*. I am tempted to get the black culotte sweatpants* and pair with a white tee* and sneakers* for a casual day out — you know, when quarantine is over. (I wear a Size Medium for all items mentioned here)


Okay, in terms of materials used, I wouldn’t consider what Lou & Grey produce to be ‘sustainable,’ nor would I consider them to be a sustainable brand. However, they work with HERproject factories, which lead and support educational classes relating to women. And with this in mind, in terms of the softest loungewear you’ve ever felt, then Lou & Grey’s SignatureSoft range* has everywhere beat. I can’t even describe how good it feels; you just need to put it on your skin. I love this range so much, I have two full sets: the sweatshirt* and sweatpants* in both charcoal and sleek heather grey (pictured above). I am even considering getting the harvest green colorway*, which for this minimalist, is huge. (I wear a Size Small for all items mentioned here)


Sometimes, for me, sustainability is about just finding things that I love so, so much, and that are so well made, that I’ll keep for an eternity. Or, until they disintegrate in my hands. This is how I feel about anything from Lunya — while not necessarily a ‘sustainable brand,’ their items are so luxurious and high quality, that I can’t imagine not including them in this roundup. While known for sleepwear, their lounge pieces are divine.

My favorites are the Cozy Cotton Silk Henley* (I bought my usual Size M, wish I had bought a Size XS/S), which I’d wear with the matching lounge shorts* in summer and leggings in winter. I have the Restore Pocket Legging* and Restore Base Tee* in charcoal (both Size M), and they are so cozy for nighttime lounging. And, if I could buy something again, I am so tempted by the Restore Long Sleeve Tee* and Restore Draped Jogger*, which are a looser fit and look polished enough to work from (and not feel like a slob).

I realize that it’s now March and we’re well and truly heading into Spring. But, if you’re anything like me, you 1). Get cold when you’re mostly just sitting around and 2). Your house is chilly and 3). You love cozy, whatever the temperature. The great thing about cashmere — and most natural fabrics, really — is that it’s thermoregulating. Meaning, it keeps you cold when you’re hot, warm when you’re cold. Nadaam’s sustainability lies in how they work directly with the Mongolian herders, paying them fairly and supporting local artisans. My favorite set from Nadaam is the Cashmere Lounge Pants*, paired with the Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan in White*. However, they’ve also recently launched a range of Cashmere-Cotton, and I’m loving the all-black set, paired with comfy sneakers, for walks around the neighborhood.


I should also say “the best for loungewear colors,” “the best for graphic tees,” and “the best for streetwear disguised as loungewear.” Yes, my friends, Mate the Label is that good. Case in point: when putting this together and trying to round up my two favorite loungewear looks, I had about 50 tabs open. You can have a ball coordinating your dream coordinating loungewear set. True to form, my favorite color options are the ones in the ‘warm neutrals range. The Dylan Sweater paired with the Kayden Crop Flare is a modern, street-style take on loungewear, in the most Spring-like toasty Pecan shade. My other favorite shade, Latte (am I hungry?), works perfectly in the Lewis Hoodie — a slightly cropped, more elevated take on a classic hoodie — paired with the sleek Ali Pant.

*Links indicate affiliate links. This means, if you choose to purchase the product linked here, at no additional cost to you I will make a small commission. Considering this post took me close to 8 hours to put together, it is very, very appreciated. Thank you for supporting sustainable brands, and thank you for supporting this blog!


The Best Sustainable Loungewear


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